Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I created this body of work at RAIR in Northeast Philadelphia, an artist residency program located at Revolution Recovery, a construction demolition and waste management facility. I built a 17' flat bottom boat entirely from recycled materials, and rowed it down the Delaware River.  It was a fantastic experience! The work has been on display at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery on Frankford Avenue.  The exhibition ends Saturday, June 28th.  Thanks to all of the folks at Revolution Recovery and RAIR (Billy Dufala, Fern Gookin and Lucia Thome) to make this experience possible, and to Raul Romero for documenting the maiden voyage! 

boat in progress in the studio/shop at RAIR

removing the boat from the second story studio

filling the boat with water to swell the bottom boards

in transit

Exhibition at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery

baby shark in formaldehyde- found in the trash!

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Mimi Jung said...

I would love to purchase a painting of yours. I can't seem to find your contact info anywhere. Would you mind emailing me? It's mimi_at_brookandlyn_dot_com. Thank you so much.