Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Louis Kahn: Korman House Model

Korman House, Whitemarsh Township, PA 1971-73 Photo Credit Matt Wargo

This fall I was invited by Linda Brenner and BIll Christensen to create the landscape for a model of the Korman House, the last residential property Louis Kahn created in 1973.  I was responsible for designing the color palette, the trees and shrubbery.  We followed the original landscape architecture plans, designed by Harriet Patterson.  I sculpted several different specialty trees as well as nearly 100 spruce and pines to create groves.  The model will be on view at the Harvey and Irwin Kroiz Gallery, The Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design from February 20- May 23, 2014 as part of the exhibition Brought to Light: The Houses of Louis Kahn

Opening: Thursday, February 20 I 5:30-7pm.                      Please register:

Process photos:

planting (placing) trees

Estate Tree: Yellow Wood

specialty trees

Japanese Maples 

placing Japanese Maples

treating shrubs with Liver of Sulfur 

shrubs drying

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